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Tyrone S, California

"This is a very useful tool that can help you achieve your goals.  Well done"

L.M., California

“Affirmations for Wealth has helped me center my thoughts and stay focused. Our business has increased to a higher level in the month of January. Thank you for writing such a treasured and well thought out publication."

AB, California

"This book is great for creating daily habits. It is a journal and manifestation guide built in one! I highly recommend this book for people who want to set a daily practice for writing down goals and dreams!"

AMB, Oregon

Love this workbook! Each affirmation can be used as a daily prompt to document my goals and progress. Having one for each day of the year is great because I can practice manifestation throughout the year without needing to buy another book, as some workbooks are limited to just six months.

Highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start manifesting or is experienced but wants more free space to add their thoughts and goals!

Shari L. Morgan, CA

"I truly love this concept. Each day I can write in this book what my financial goals are with a positive vibe attached to my thoughts. This works for me. Thank you Sheila for sharing your idea with the world."

Amazon Customer

"Great book! Helping me stack on track with my financial blessings"

TJay, CA

"I'm excited my transformation that's about to happen in 2023! It's an amazing guide for igniting a manifesting mind set!"

Tara B, CA

" I love the fact that this affirmation for wealth book is more like a journal where you can actually write down your thoughts surrounding the affirmation.
This book is definitely going to help change your mindset and change the way you think about money, spend your money, and save your money."
Floydette James.jpeg

"This will be my go to book for 2023 start the year off positive thinking and financial goals thank you cousin Sheila everyone needs this book in their lives."

Lexy, TX

"What an excellent and timeless resource to have! Reset, recharge and begin your journey to wealth! Rid yourself of your old way of thinking. You are certain to have created a new mindset after this read and will find yourself in a better financial position in life."

Amazon Customer

"Didn’t know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised with how useful this was. I highly recommend for procrastinators like myself. Great tool."

Shunae M.

"I love this book , I started off my new year with setting some financial goals , and some short term goals and already I have exceeded my expectation on making my money work for me . Absolutely amazing love this journal and financial journey
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